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We are Dave and Beth Jolly, media trainers and consultants with Reach Beyond, assisting ministry partners in the Europe/ Eurasia region. Our blog is a more intimate look into our journey through life as we share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of serving in a post communist region of the world. Through consulting and media training, our passion is to help nationals develop creative ways to positively influence their local communities. Our friends describe us as insightful, purposeful and loving, but we just think of ourselves as being given unique gifts and experiences which allow us to develop relationships through training and mentoring. We have a lot of fun along our journey too! Subscribe to our blog to receive weekly updates, along with pictures, stores and even an occasional recipe! Read the rest of our story (link) or check out our favorite posts and pictures (link).

A Problem Too Big to Solve-Part 2

Since my first post about the situation in the Moria Refugee Camp this past February, following my first trip there, I have spent additional time there in March, May, July and three weeks this past October.  One thing that is … Continue reading

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A Problem Too Big to Solve?

This post will be the first in a series regarding refugees, primarily focusing on the situation Europe is facing.  Over the past few years the numbers of people groups moving across the face of the globe has consistently been growing.  … Continue reading

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10 Things That Your Missionary Will Not Tell You Pt. 2

Here are numbers 2 & 3 in the article “10 Things That Your Missionary Will Not Tell You.” 2. It is lonely being a missionary. You won’t ever see this in a mission letter. We will tell stories of fun … Continue reading

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Ten Things That Your Missionary Will Not Tell You

Sorry for the long absence!  Sometimes I get bogged down or am simply uninspired.  However, I came across this fantastic article that I want to share with you.  It’s rather lengthy though, so I am going to break it down … Continue reading

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Six Lessons Learned from Six Years on the Mission Field

This is a special day for us.  Six years ago, to the day, we stepped out of the familiar to go live in Romania.  Granted, we’d been to RO many times in the previous 5 years or so, but going … Continue reading

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Schimbare! (skeem-bar’-ae)

According to an online thesaurus the word change (schimbare in Romanian) has several positive synonyms including: advance, innovation and transformation.  Yet change, again, according to the thesaurus can have some negative synonyms as well like reversal, about-face, revolution and turnover.  Thus, … Continue reading

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Piaţa Seasons

You’ve probably heard me say before that one of my favorite places to go here in Romania is the piaţa (pee-yatza) or marketplace. It is a cultural norm and has been for centuries.  There are actually several piaţas in a … Continue reading

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A House For Sarah Pt. 2

In the first post about our church’s desire to help a little girl and a lovely lady who had tragically lost their father and husband, I shared about a company from Germany who sent workers over to Romania to build … Continue reading

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Blessed to be a Blessing

I apologize right from the start. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be blowing up your feed with a lot of posts in the coming weeks. Perhaps it will make up for the lack thereof in the previous several … Continue reading

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A House For Sarah

We attend church here in Romania at Harvest Arad.  It is a non-denominational church, which is unusual for this culture, but we love the worship, the preaching of the Word, the people and the spirit that is felt there so … Continue reading

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